Scalp micropigmentation and correction of unprofessional treatment

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a highly effective treatment for covering hair loss, but only when done correctly. Here's what can happen when you're in the wrong hands.

Scalp micropigmentation is a relatively new method, so the number of experienced professionals in this field is very small. Before deciding to undergo the treatment and choosing your technician, it’s essential to research the treatment and the technician’s experience in detail.

Some of our clients have already had scalp micropigmentation treatments at other clinics, but they were not satisfied, and for good reason. Simply put, most clinics advertise their service as top-notch, even when it’s not.

In that case, our clients come to us to correct what poorly trained micropigmentation technicians haven’t done well enough. That’s why we advise you to carefully research before your first treatment.

Technicians at the Micro Hair Academy for scalp micropigmentation are specially trained and certified to perform this treatment by the leading clinic in Italy. Our five years of experience and highly successful results are clear indicators that you can trust us completely. Thanks to our years of experience, we perform scalp micropigmentation correction treatments with maximum success.

If you’re not satisfied with the results of your scalp micropigmentation treatment, we’re happy to correct others’ mistakes. Schedule a corrective treatment at the Micro Hair Academy today.

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Micro Hair Academy scalp micropigmentation treatment:

Gives a natural, youthful appearance with freshly shaved hair

Successfully simulates the front and side hairline

Restores hairline on partially bald or completely bald heads

Hides scars of all types of alopecia

Corrects mistakes in the case of improperly performed micropigmentation treatment


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