SMP and hair loss in men
SMP i opadanje kose kod muškaracaSMP i opadanje kose kod muškaraca

SMP treatment effectively conceals baldness caused by genetic hair loss. The above picture shows the effect of short-cropped hair.

Genetic alopecia, or hereditary baldness, is the main culprit for hair loss in men. Some men have a greater genetic predisposition to gradually lose their hair partially or almost completely. Not only does alopecia affect physical appearance, but this phenomenon can often have a strong negative impact on the mental health of the person losing their hair. In search of the best solution, men are usually disappointed and give up further searching.

If you have advanced baldness (type 4 or higher on the Norwood scale) and believe that hair transplantation is not for you for any reason, you are an ideal candidate for scalp micropigmentation. A large number of our clients opt for micropigmentation precisely because of genetic hair loss.

Our treatment gives fantastic results in such cases, simulating the appearance of completely dense, freshly shaved hair on your head.

If male baldness is in an advanced stage for you and you think transplantation is not for you, scalp micropigmentation treatment is your best remedy for baldness.

The solution is at your fingertips. Contact Micro Hair Academy and schedule a free consultation today.

Our clients are extremely satisfied with our scalp micropigmentation because it:

Gives a natural appearance of a youthful head with short-cropped hair

Successfully simulates the frontal and side hairline

Restores the hairline on partially bare or completely bald heads

Conceals symptoms of all types and levels of baldness


Schedule a free consultation today and see the effects of scalp pigmentation for yourself. Send us your photo, and you’ll receive all the necessary information in the shortest possible time. Discretion is guaranteed for all our clients.

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SMP and hair loss in men

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SMP and hair loss in men