SMP and Hair Transplantation

SMP is very successfully combined with hair transplantation treatments, whether to increase the impression of density or as a treatment to conceal scars resulting from transplantation.

Hair transplantation is a method in which hair follicles are taken from one area on the scalp (donor region) using various techniques and transplanted to another area (recipient region). The goal of transplantation is to fill in the areas that have already been affected by alopecia, where hair follicles have been damaged.

However, in addition to being the most expensive type of treatment for hair loss, hair transplantation carries certain risks. Many people are disappointed with the results after hair transplantation, either due to poorly performed transplantation or unrealistic expectations. In this case, many become dissatisfied and give up on further searching for a solution.

But there is also a small portion of people who find a new solution after transplantation – scalp micropigmentation.

Hair transplantation and scalp micropigmentation are a great combined solution. If transplantation has not completely solved the problem of hair loss, micropigmentation can be applied to give the impression of dense hair even in places where hair is sparse. Pigments that remain on the scalp minimize the contrast between skin color and hair color, giving the impression of completely dense hair. The majority of our clients opt for scalp micropigmentation after hair transplantation. Only after the micropigmentation treatment are they completely satisfied with their appearance.

If you are not satisfied with the result of hair transplantation, contact us and schedule a scalp micropigmentation treatment today.

Our scalp micropigmentation is very successful in:

Concealing symptoms of all types and levels of alopecia

Hiding scars from hair transplantation and other procedures

Enhancing the visual effect after hair transplantation


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