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Micro Hair Academy is the leading center for scalp pigmentation treatment in the region. Through years of experience in this field, we at Micro Hair Center are aware that even the thought of this treatment is a big decision that you will have to make.

For many people, consultation is the biggest help in making that decision.

That’s why we offer free consultations before treatment to all interested clients in our center. There are some things you need to determine during consultations.

After all, this is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about the process and whether scalp micropigmentation will be compatible with your lifestyle.

First treatment

Scalp micropigmentation is a process that requires multiple treatments to achieve the final look. The number of treatments is highly individual and depends on how much the pigments will fade, the contrast between the color of the scalp skin and the hair color, scars, and other factors.

During the first treatment, which lasts three to four hours, the largest part of the scalp is usually covered and a pigment base is formed.

The treatment itself is not too painful, with most clients rating discomfort at around 3-4 on a scale of 1-10.

Each of us has a different pain tolerance threshold, so if necessary, anesthetics in the form of creams are used during treatment to alleviate discomfort.

Redness may appear after the treatment, but it will quickly fade.

Second treatment

If micropigmentation is done correctly, it is impossible to effectively cover the entire surface with only one treatment. From our experience and the recommendation of global experts, most clients require two to four treatments.

After a few days, based on the success of the first treatment and the client’s impressions, a date for the second treatment is planned.

During the second treatment, areas where the pigment did not adhere well are filled in, and another layer of pigments of a similar shade is added to achieve a darker and more natural color. Also, if the client wishes, the line of pigments can be slightly altered compared to the part of the scalp that has no pigments.

Third treatment

The third treatment is not necessary for everyone, but it is often required to achieve an optimal look.

When the skin on the scalp is completely healed, and the pigments have slightly faded, our technicians will be able to definitively assess whether you need a third treatment.

The third treatment is usually done at least a month after the second and involves minimal corrections to achieve a completely natural and convincing look.


It is quite normal for scalp pigmentation to be regularly refreshed after a certain period of time. Since the pigments are on the scalp skin and are visible to everyone, occasional touch-ups are necessary to achieve the best results.

The touch-up process is significantly shorter than the entire pigmentation treatment and therefore cheaper.

This process is usually done after a long period – from one and a half to several years after the first treatment.




Have you firmly decided to regain your confidence and give your head a better look?

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