Microhair academy

The #1 SMP Microhair Academy in the entire Balkan Region

Our purpose

We change the lives of our clients by allowing them to have a completely natural-looking full head of hair

Learn exact techniques SMP Masters use with
Master Artist Mr. Srdjan Kostovski

3 Day intensive training

Join us for three days in our fully equipped studio in the heart of Belgrade

Learn SMP secrets and perfect your technique

Master the techniques used by industry leaders

Tattoo artists, Barbers, Cosmetologist and Novices are All Welcome

No prior experience is needed. Learn a new skill to dramatically increase your income

Hands On Learning

Practice with the best SMP tools on high quality models

Lifetime Support

Our support doesn’t stop when you receive your certificate. Our mission is to graduate and support our members to reach their business goals.

Certificate of Completion

Upon the completion of the course, you will be fully certified and we can even help you open your very own MicroHair Clinic.

Why start your career in SMP?

A career in SMP is a career that is exciting, fulfilling, and is a great means to bring in immediate revenue for you and your family. As an SMP Artist, you know that you are improving lives every day when you go to the office.

With approximately 25% of the male population and 13% of female population suffering from hair loss related ailments such as Male Pattern Baldness, Alopecia & Vitiligo, and a whopping 79% of women now undergoing procedures like eyebrow micro blading,  there is no better time to learn this skill and enter this highly lucrative industry.

Adding this skill to your tool belt will allow you not only to provide for your family with an almost instant revenue stream but also truly solve a problem for your clientele that will truly enrich their lives.

What will you learn on our course


Intro to SMP, types of Hair Loss & Basic Scalp Structure.


Health & Hygiene Procedures.


SMP Equipment & Use.


SMP Ink Selection & Use.


SMP Needle Selection & Use.


Creating Natural Hairlines.


Scar treatment & concealment.


Client Etiquette.

Start your career or grow your business with us

Along with teaching you this incredible new skill set, We also provide expert support & opportunities to jump start your career, open your own clinic & grow your business with more clients from our trusted network.

SMP & Microblading services are great as a stand-alone business as well as a true value add on service to an existing clinic or salon.

Meet Your Instructor

Mr. Srdjan Kostovski

Trained in the UK & Italy, Mr. Srdjan took his time honing his skills and his attention to detail is second to no one.

A Master of the Natural Hairline Restoration Technique, He continues to innovate in this field solving problems for every client in a custom tailored method that can only be taught by him.

A consummate perfectionist with over 2,000 satisfied customers, there is no better Master Artist to learn from.


Marko Jokić 1 review

It gives you confidence with your everyday life. My brother said to me, wow you look like a stud, you look better than me now! These guys at Micro Hair Academy really care. It's a great decision and I'm very happy with you guys.

Nikola Simonović 1 review

Now I feel good looking in the mirror. If you really want to make a change you can, this is a real option for everyone with feild hair transplantation attempt. Don't let your age restrict you...I ain't old!